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Best Woods for Firewood

Hardwood Firewood to fit your requirements

A Family run, Fast and Friendly Service

Truck load of Hardwood firewood

Seasoned Hardwood Firewood

Hardwood Logs cut and split to your requirements for length and section
Free Delivery within 10 miles NorthWalsham, in three load sizes :-
Prices from 1st August 2018
Large trailer 10' x 5'      £150
Pick-up load                      £85
Trailer + Pick-up              £230
Larger/ Multiple Loads  call for quote.
Bags £3.00 (can deliver 10 bag min in North Walsham area)
Kindling  Large £3.50   Small £ 1.00
  1. Wood Source
    All our wood is sourced locally (within East Anglia) Our wood is Hardwood only, and consists mainly of Oak, Ash and Beech, three of the best woods for heat output / volume. Currently we have, well seasoned Ash and Beech June 18.
  2. Ready to Burn
    We test all our wood for moisture content to ensure that the logs are sufficiently dry and ready to burn. We also check that the wood is good to go by burning samples from each batch in our own fires.
  3. See for Yourself
    Feel free to check out our wood by purchasing a bag at the roadside. or see the wood prior to delivery.

Load Images

Below are images of our products available to our customers
  1. Cut and Split Firewood Store
  2. Bags £2 ea. at roadside shop
  3. Truck load £75 for Delivery
  4. Truck load £75 for Delivery (2)
  5. Large Trailer load for Delivery
  6. Large trailer load image2
Current timber mainly Ash
Timber worked by hand
Large Kindling bags £3,50

Our Stacking Service

Cost of stacking will depend on level of difficulty ie.  distance  from drop-off to stacking area and terrain.
Pricing is from £5 to  £10 for truck loads
                   and £10 to £20 for trailer loads

Large Trailer Load Stacked

Multiple Loads Stacked

We have been delivering top quality firewood since 2010